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- Why Choose Silverstone Auto -

Where You Should Go For a Knowledgeable Mechanic, Vehicle Maintenance and repairs?

When Consumer Reports surveyed their subscribers they found that independent Mechanics like the ones we have at Silverstone Auto rated much higher for overall satisfaction, service, quality, price and courteousness of mechanics and staff. Also deadlines for work were met more often.

Bearing in mind when taking your vehicle in for a Calgary mechanic to maintain or repair, you need to know the difference between them. Routine maintenance items are listed in your vehicle’s manual as part of the service schedule. This schedule is intended to keep your vehicle running smoothly and optimally performing. Repairs on the other hand are services required to fix an immediate problem.

Talking to your neighbourhood mechanic Calgary is not only wise, it will most likely save you some cash. How much cash you save depends on the work to be performed.

Did you know you are not obligated to do your regularly scheduled maintenance at the dealership you purchased your vehicle at? It’s true...the Federal Government legislated that you have the right to service your vehicle where ever you want. (If you are in a lease you may be obligated to that dealership so check your documents)

Likewise, you can take your vehicle to an independent auto repair mechanic, which are typically a lot less expensive than dealership mechanics.

Mechanics and service departments are not the only people specifically trained and certified to service your brand of vehicle. Many mechanics in Calgary that work at independent car repair shops are fully equipped with all the diagnostic equipment necessary to fully service you.

Maintenance items are usually a basic fix; meaning any licensed mechanic in Calgary can perform the necessary work for you.

A reputable independent mechanic shop like Silverstone Auto will be able to handle common repairs. We are a family repair shop in our area and may have have a licensed and experienced mechanic on staff that either specializes or has had a lot of experience with your vehicle's manufacturer. And don’t work because our policy is that we let you know when a problem warrants a trip to the dealership.

Modern Tools

Silverstone Auto has the most up to date tools to do all different types of mechanical repairs.

Money Back Guarantee

Our warranty is very competitive in the mechanical industry as well as our parts warranty.

Expert Mechanics

Zaw Tun is a certified mechanical technician that takes great pride in all his repairs with more then 20 years of experience in the auto repair industry.

- Our Features -

Vehicle Inspections

Electrical Diagnostics

Repairs and Service

Wheel Alignments

Discount Program - NEW!

Scheduled Appointments

Wheel and Tire Service

Domestic / Import / European

Car Parts In Stock!

We have a great group of suppliers that maintain a good stock of parts, for all makes and models so the repair can be done in a timely manor. 

Reasonable Pricing

Our vast years of experience makes our team work very efficiently and reduce time spent on repairs which in turn makes our pricing very competitive for our customers.

Complete Check-ups

We offer complete check ups or even just one part or another.

Quality Car Parts

Our part suppliers guarantee great reliable parts as well as a very good warranty.


- Get in touch! -


#5 . 4616 . 6a Street NE

Calgary, Alberta

T2E 4B5



Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sat-Sun: 9:00am - 1:00 pm

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